alfieAlfie is a small dog who lives on a mountain side in Spain. He has lots of adventures and tells them in the form of bedtime stories for little people. Because he is such a small dog and so busy with his adventures and meeting lots of animal friends, he has two people helpers to build his books for him.


Hello, I’m Alfie this is a story book about my adventures in Spain. Spain is a country that is different to lots of other countries. It is very hot in the summer, especially if you have lots of hair like I do, but it can be quite cold in winter. Most of the time it’s just nice and lots of fun for a small dog like me. Did I tell you that? I’m a dog. I look a lot like a black and white Collie Dog, but I’m a lot smaller and that means I can go places a big dog can’t and it means that my people can carry me when I get tired or it’s too hot to walk any further. I have lots of adventures and I’m going to tell you all about them.


Kelly Seed

kelly seed tb

Kelly is the one who listens to Alfie’s stories and then writes them all down for him.

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Karin Sowerby

karin sowerby tb

Karin is the artist who creates the paintings that illustrate Alfie’s adventures.

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