A Crime Must Be Committed To Prevent A War

Jim Wilson is forced to work for a Chinese criminal gang or his wife and child will be murdered. While he is away in the north of Canada, his wife manages to contact Ivan and Geordie for help. The two friends set out to save all three of them, but then the threat to many more people emerges and things become important enough to involve governments in committing a serious crime to prevent a new war in the Middle East.

The seventh book in the Jim Wilson series.



Jim Wilson

Major James Grant Wilson, normally known as Jim, was until very recently a highly capable combat officer in the Royal Engineers. An intelligent and inspiring leader he has always generated intense loyalty from his tough, no nonsense, soldiers. He is also famous in many parts of the British Army for being able to recognise any scotch whisky by taste and smell. A talent that has earned him many savage hangovers as the soldiers of his company have tried to fool him. Tall and well-built, he has a scar across his chin that aches when it is cold and reminds him of Afghanistan. Unusually for an engineering officer, he has a fear of enclosed spaces, which started when he was trapped in a mine accident, while his father was showing him around, although he has managed to control this over the years.

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