War For India

1857. The carnage of the Crimean War is over and the Rifle Brigade returns to peacetime soldiering, but then the word comes from India that the Sepoy regiments of the East India Company have mutinied, and the jewel in the crown of the British Empire is in danger of being lost.

This is third part of the Thomas Mason trilogy


War Against the Russians

1854. Thomas Mason has returned from India where he served in the East India Company Army throughout the First and Second Anglo-Sikh wars. He and three companions returned to England as the guard detail for the Koh-i-Nor diamond and were then offered the chance to join the Rifle Brigade with their officer Lieutenant Warren.

This is the second book in the Thomas Mason trilogy.


War Against the Sikhs.

It is 1843 and to avoid the hangman’s noose the two Rushforth brothers flee from England.

The first book in the Thomas Mason Trilogy