Drummer's Call

Simon Drummer is on loan to a bio-warfare protection unit in the USA when the terror they fear becomes real.

Hello, I’m Alfie, but my Spanish next door neighbours call me Alfredo. You can call me Alfie and this is a story about my adventures in Spain. Spain is a country that is different to lots of other countries. It is very hot in the summer, especially if you have lots of hair like I do, but it can be quite cold in winter. Most of the time it’s just nice and lots of fun for a small dog like me.

The First World War send Michael McGuire from Gallipoli to the western front.

Michael McGuire has left the army, but as the First World War breaks out his country calls him again.

The third book in the Michael McGuire Trilogy

Michael McGuire is forced into the Army because he stole bread for his starving family.

From the filthy back streets of Dublin to the deserts of the Sudan to fight and die for the British Empire.

The first book in the Michael McGuire Trilogy

Michael McGuire travels to South Africa to protect the British Empire.

Only just recovered from his wounds Captain McGuire must now sail south to the confusion and error of the Boer War.

The second book in the Michael McGuire Trilogy

A collection of short stories about a backpack and what is found inside.

A Lost Backpack and a World of Possibilities.

Jim Wilson is forced to work for a Chinese criminal gang or his wife and child will be murdered.

A Crime Must Be Committed To Prevent A War

The seventh book in the Jim Wilson series.

Major Jim Wilson's team have a price on their heads, and those of their families, but the stakes go much higher.

A Threat to Millions But This Time It’s Personal

The sixth book in the Jim Wilson series.

Major Jim Wilson goes up against an unscrupulous arms dealer and his beautiful daughter in search of nuclear weapons.

A Nuclear Disaster Threatened By Criminals Must Be Prevented At All Costs.

The fifth book in the Jim Wilson series.


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