War Against the Russians

This is the second book in the Thomas Mason trilogy.

1854. Thomas Mason has returned from India where he served in the East India Company Army throughout the First and Second Anglo-Sikh wars. He and three companions returned to England as the guard detail for the Koh-i-Nor diamond and were then offered the chance to join the Rifle Brigade with their officer Lieutenant Warren. All of them have agreed, but had to return to basic training to learn the ways of their new regiment. In India, Thomas rose to Corporal, but must now return to the bottom of the rank ladder. It remains to be seen whether their wartime experience in India will serve them well in the Regular Army in Britain. Their lives are suddenly turned exciting when Britain and France declare war on Russia and the Brigade is sent to the blood and confusion of the Crimea. Here he will see a very different war to the one he saw in India with the massive incompetence of British senior, aristocratic officers and the weakness of the army’s support system that led to massive neglect and suffering for the troops.