alfieAlfie is a small dog who lives on a mountain side in Spain. He has lots of adventures and tells them in the form of bedtime stories for little people. Because he is such a small dog and so busy with his adventures and meeting lots of animal friends, he has two people helpers to build his books for him.

Karin Sowerby

Karin is the artist who creates the paintings that illustrate Alfie’s adventures. She was born in County Durham, England, the second of four children, into a military family. Karin’s father served in the Royal Engineers and met her mother whilst serving in Germany, hence the spelling of her name. She started drawing as a child, like most children on walls and any papers that were left unattended until her mother in her frustration gave her a sketch pad. Both of her parents are artistic but they insisted she study and learn to use her mind more productively and didn’t encourage a career in art, very much like her tutors constantly preached. Karin trained as a Secretary/Personal assistant whilst at college which wasn’t challenging enough, so she apprenticed as a Prosthetics Dental Technician. Karin is passionate about many things painting, motorcycles and the military, so she joined the Women’s Royal Army Corp as a driver/radio operator. When the WRAC was disbanded she transferred to Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers where she became a class 1 driver and class 3 vehicle mechanic. After a serious motorcycle accident she had to adjust her career and went on to become a Senior Prosthetics Dental Technician specializing in tissue matching, naturalization of prosthetic teeth, and implant restorations, her artistic talent and logical thinking made this a fulfilling and interesting job.

Karin’s spare time is usually filled with painting, her paintings are inspired by her love of military history and the joy of the huge vehicles she had the pleasure to either drive or service in her lifetime. She also paints military vehicles/scenes for “Military Art Work for Charities” and the prints from her paintings are sold help raise funds.

She lives in London with Shaun, Jina the cat and Red the Hungarian Visla dog.

Kelly Seed

kelly seed tb

Kelly is the one who listens to Alfie’s stories and then writes them all down for him.

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Karin Sowerby

karin sowerby tb

Karin is the artist who creates the paintings that illustrate Alfie’s adventures.

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Future Books from Alfie


And there is a “Christmas Special” coming too.