Drummer's Call

There has never been a time when the American military felt so helpless in the face of an attack. A very intelligent and cunning Arab bio-chemist wants to send a message to the US and he wants it done in a painful and humiliating way. He wants the US brought to its knees for supporting a regime that makes life unbearable for its people by supplying them with weapons. He is about to unleash death on American soil on a magnitude never experienced in history. Only one man can stop him — Simon Drummer, on loan to the bio-warfare unit in the US. Can Simon locate the terrorist and stop him before his elaborate and dangerous plan is put into action?


This is a gem in the genre of terrorist thrillers, a novel with a phenomenal conflict and a compelling character, a gifted fighter racing against time to stop one of the most powerful threats to the US. Drummer's Call: Revenge of a Lone Wolf is filled with action and suspense and from the very first page, the reader longs to see what happens next. While it is a work of fiction, it mimics the fear of many an American citizen that one of the enemies of the nation can unleash death on the country. It has happened before. Nigel Seed’s ability to infuse the narrative with realism and humanity is rare and impeccable and readers do really feel they are walking side by side with the characters, feeling their hearts pounding in fear and trepidation. The novel features great prose, an intriguing plot, and wonderful handling of setting."

"Reviewed By Divine Zape for Readers' Favorite

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Engrosing Terrorist Thriller

Drummer's Call: Revenge of a Lone Wolf by Nigel Seed is an engrossing terrorist thriller with memorable characters and intense action.

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