Now there is a contract on their lives and the lives of their family members. After moving the targets to safety, Jim works feverishly to get the contract cancelled. But he is just about to uncover one of the most disturbing secrets of the century—there is a plot to unleash a nuclear attack on the United States. Jim must discover the mastermind and stop the attack otherwise millions of lives are on the line. But how much time does he have and where does he start?

I enjoy stories with twisted plot points and compelling characters and Twelve Lives is one such story. It is a well-accomplished thriller with compelling characters and elaborately developed themes of terrorism, revenge, and conspiracy. Jim Wilson is a memorable character and his undercover work is explored against the backdrop of very complex and risky landscapes. The author plots in a cunning way, creating a shadowy enemy that the protagonist struggles to identify, and weaving suspense into the story which makes it a must-read. I found myself turning the pages, expecting a bullet in the head of the protagonist at any moment. The feeling of having a contract on one’s head without knowing who ordered the killing must be terrible. Nigel Seed’s prose is excellent, punctuated by terrific descriptions and interesting dialogues. From plot to character to the exciting and tense setting, this novel is a great achievement."

"Reviewed By Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

Jim Wilson

Major James Grant Wilson, normally known as Jim, was until very recently a highly capable combat officer in the Royal Engineers. An intelligent and inspiring leader he has always generated intense loyalty from his tough, no nonsense, soldiers. He is also famous in many parts of the British Army for being able to recognise any scotch whisky by taste and smell. A talent that has earned him many savage hangovers as the soldiers of his company have tried to fool him. Tall and well-built, he has a scar across his chin that aches when it is cold and reminds him of Afghanistan. Unusually for an engineering officer, he has a fear of enclosed spaces, which started when he was trapped in a mine accident, while his father was showing him around, although he has managed to control this over the years.

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Reviews - Twelve Lives

A Gorgeous Treat

Twelve Lives by Nigel Seed is a gorgeous treat for fans of conspiracy theories, terrorist thrillers, and fast-paced, action-packed novels. A mission undertaken for the British Government creates a lethal enemy for Jim Wilson and his two companions.

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